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Can Two Persons Have The Same Phone Number

Can Two Persons Have The Same Phone Number. Naturally, you can do this if you’re willing to add extra money to your rate. However, one mobile number can be linked with multiple aadhaar numbers.

Can two people have the same phone number
Can two people have the same phone number from

Can two cell phones have the same phone number? It's called cloning, & is very illegal, & very traceable & reconciled by your service provider when reported. 76ford90lx and scudder like this.

When I Try To Finish The Verfication Process After Adding The Identification Document It Asks For Photo.

Many people report that the root reason to cause this problem is a bug that apple has introduced in ios 12 that is merging conversations from different phone numbers when they use the same apple id. Does anyone know of a network that can do this? Scan the qr code displayed on the second phone with the whatsapp app on the first and it will automatically log in with your account to whatsapp web on the second phone.

Facetime Is Also Turned On.

I just do not want 2 different phone numbers! On a less serious note, if your phone is flashed to another cellular company.(verizon to boost, or metro, or cricket, etc) it's possible that it was not done right. And this can cause all sorts of wierd problems.

Simply Put, This Means That Since Whatsapp Uses An Authentication System Connected To The Phone Number, It Was Not Possible To Make The.

Thus, you can’t create multiple accounts using the same number. Fyi, once the above is done it doesn't seem to matter that both numbers are listed under a phone number i can be reached at in icloud. For instance, what would happen if the second person lost their phone and every phone conversation was heard by a stranger?

I Need This For My Health.

But employer3 account number is linked with different uan number. Now please suggest me the best possible option for me However, me and me are completely separate addresses.

The Short Answer Is No. Cell Phone Carriers Will Not Activate The Same Number On Two Different Phones For Security And Privacy Reasons;

It will fire up the qr scanner. So if your phone has the app clone or the work profile option, you can easily use two different phone numbers for two of those apps. He can also get this mobile number linked with aadhaar of his family members.

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